Ali Lightfoot

Local Motion: Club 20 Debates - Senate District 6

This episode of Local Motion features the Club 20 debate between the candidates in Senate District 6: Republican incumbent Don Coram and Democratic candidate Guinn Unger, Jr.

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  • Bull Draw Fire outside Nucla grows, causes smoke advisory in Mesa County
  • Move to limit politicians' spending on their own campaigns gains momentum
  • Colorado Latino population lagging behind in number of college graduates
  • Initiative 97 would require oil and gas setbacks to be standard 2,500 feet

Host Jill Spears and her gardening gurus Lulu Volckhausen and Lance Swigart discuss summer harvest and other gardening topics, and take calls from listeners.

  • Petition group gets enough signatures for oil and gas setback ballot initiative
  • SNAP benefits might require getting a job in most recent version of Farm Bill
  • H2O Radio report on drones and how they monitor rivers and streams in state

  • Bull Draw Fire, Buttermilk Fire make air quality poor in Western counties
  • Trump's rollback of air quality standards causes protests in Colorado
  • H2O Radio reports on technology used to monitor state stream, river flows

"Enemy of the people" is an incendiary phrase. It's been uttered by some of history's most vicious thugs — Robespierre, Goebbels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao — to vilify their opponents ... who were often murdered.

President Trump must know that history by now when he calls the press "the enemy of the people." As he must also know the anti-Semitic and racist history of the America First slogan, by which the president describes many of his policies.


The Town of Paonia held a special meeting on Monday night and issued special permits that will allow the Edesia Community Kitchen to continue operation in a warehouse at 3rd and Clark in Paonia. A planning commission meeting, a public hearing, a regular town council meeting and a special town council meeting were convened before the decision was made. Eric Goold of KVNF News had this editorial comment.

  • Protests across the country against President Trump's anti-immigration policies
  • SWAT team moves in on Centennial protest at ICE facility, protesters arrested
  • Town of Paonia issues special permits to Edesia Community Kitchen
  • Editorial comment about Edesia decision

Claire Sheridan from the Colorado Center on Law and Policy talks with KVNF's Ali Lightfoot about a new report on income inequality in the US.  The report shows that income inequality has risen dramatically in every state including Colorado since the 1970s.  Claire discusses why the gap is widening, how it's affecting the state and initiatives being proposed to help.

  • Drought impacting Front Range as well as Mountains
  • KDNK interview with census official
  • Time for public comment about controversial census questions running out

  • North Fork Creative Coalition working on Paonia signage
  • For the first time in Colorado history, state public defender is a woman
  • Hickenlooper asks feds to rescind rule regulating doctor-patient conversations
  • Health advisory issued in Mesa County due to wildfire smoke


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