Carlos Santana // Shape Shifter

Nov 16, 2012

Released 05.15.2012 Starfaith

With the release of this CD, Carlos returns to the classic Santana Sound.  Stunning music, simply stunning.  The  CD’s title track, "Shape Shifter," as well as “Nomad,” are emblematic of Santa’s stinging guitar solos, the big Hammond B3 organ weaving in and out, relentless percussionists keeping everyone honest . . . Carlos' transgalactic musique is back . . . big time.

I’ve often said that if the afterlife were to consist of me ridin’ a high, stingin’ Santana note through the universe,  forever and ever, then I’m real down with that belief system.  The tunes on “Shape Shifter” have provided more notes and riffs of indescribable beauty for that journey. Yeah.