Records Request Details Potential Reasons For Paonia Town Clerk's Dismissal

Feb 6, 2015

Credit KVNF

Through a public records request, KVNF has obtained the written charges for the dismissal of the former Paonia Town Clerk.

The document explains at length the financial issues the town is facing and cites those problems as the original reason for laying off Barbara Petersen.

According to the notice, the town asked Petersen to resign, but she declined. So the town let her go.

However, the issue is that under Colorado statute appointed officials can’t be dismissed without written charges and a hearing.

At a special meeting Tuesday the Paonia Board of Trustees voted to set a hearing date and serve Peterson with written charges. 

These new charges allege issues with work performance and potentially improper use of town and/or state funds. The hearing is set for March 3. 

According to the document, the town also intents to retroactively put Petersen on paid administrative leave until a final decision regarding her dismissal is made. The town says that pay is contingent upon her fully cooperating with it as requested by town representatives and specifically complying with all requests by the town for assistance associated with matters and duties involving the town clerk.