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Multiple People Killed In Shooting At Maryland Newspaper


We're following news this afternoon of a shooting incident at the Capital Gazette. That's a local newspaper in Annapolis, Md. There are at least five fatalities, and several people have been gravely injured. A reporter inside the newsroom said a lone gunman fired into the offices of the Capital Gazette.

WYPR's Joel McCord is at the scene. He joins us now. And, Joel, I know there was a briefing earlier by the acting police chief there for Anne Arundel County. Can you tell us what you've been able to learn?

JOEL MCCORD, BYLINE: We - well, as you said, we know there are five fatalities, several other folks injured, taken to nearby hospital. We know that the shooter is in custody. We have no ID on the shooter yet. We know that they have the weapon, but they're not telling us thus far exactly what that weapon is. A friend of mine, Chris (ph), who works at the Capital, says it's - the dead are - among the dead are a photographer, an editor and one reporter, but we don't have any IDs.

CORNISH: And police have said that the scene has been contained. And you're saying the report is just one suspect for now.

MCCORD: Right. They just did a briefing just a couple of minutes ago and was asked - we've asked them and phrased the question several different ways. But the best we can get is one suspect in custody and apparently nobody else.

CORNISH: How did this information get out this afternoon? Can you tell us more about the scene there where you are?

MCCORD: Well, police were called about 2:40 p.m. this afternoon. The first officers here were here within 60 seconds because their station's not very far away. I can tell you because I live right near here that I was on my way to the post office when I just saw one police car after another screaming into this location here on Bestgate Road. It's right across from Annapolis Mall. It's a lot of low-rise office buildings, that sort of thing. And right now there must be - there got to be a hundred police cars at least and officers all over the place. They've got the building contained, as I said, and that's - and we're still waiting for the next update.

CORNISH: And, Joel, before I let you go, the Capital Gazette - can you tell us a little bit about the paper itself?

MCCORD: It's about a 35,000, 40,000 - well, more than that - maybe 50,000 circulation daily, owned by Times Mirror. There were six - there are six to seven reporters, two photographers, a couple of editors worked there, plus the business folks out of this office building on Bestgate Road. You know, no presses like there used to be and, you know, real community kind of paper, really focused on what - Annapolis and the surrounding Anne Arundel County.

CORNISH: That's Joel McCord of member station WYPR. Thank you.

MCCORD: You're welcome. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Joel McCord