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Lisa Johnson
Wil-Dog, Ulises, Raúl and Asdrubal of Ozomatli join Taya Jae on Talkin' Music to talk about the social causes they're fired up about right now, their new album, Marching On and what they love about what they do.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laid out new guidance for the national response to COVID-19 on Thursday.
Tami Chappell
AFP via Getty Images
  • Today we conclude our 4-part series on Deep Listening.
  • Sally and Molly of the Americana duo The Montvales join Taya Jae on Talkin' Music to share highlights from their tour so far, what they love about what they do and the creative ways they're fundraising for their next album.
  • Today on Local Motion we take a look at a collaborative effort between the Nature Connection and the Western Slope Conservation Center to sponsor a Youth Trail Crew, young people who spend their summers maintaining the trail systems throughout the West Elks and Raggeds Wilderness. Taya Jae is joined by the young people on this crew and by Ben Grave of the Nature Connection, and Ben Katz of the Western Slope Conservation who join her to talk about the collaborative efforts behind this program – and what they believe is the importance of facilitating this type of work. Stay Tuned.
  • KVNF freelance reporter Lisa Young takes us to the dry adobe hills near the base of Grand Mesa in Delta where nutrient-rich composting material is being created. Tina Peters raises funds and requests a recount of the June primary elections. Peters and another GOP candidate are raising unfounded claims of voter fraud. Plus, the Ute Games returned to Southwest Colorado this week after a pandemic hiatus.
  • Aridification in the West is putting pressure on drinking water supplies. Add in a water main break and the situation can be catastrophic. Caitlin Tan reports for the Mountain West News Bureau on one area that’s already under water restrictions. And Justin Higgenbottom from Moab about why The U.S. Department of Energy is building up the country's strategic uranium reserve.
  • Rocky Mountain Community Radio, Aspen Public Radio’s Halle Zander reports on a house roundup in northwest Colorado. The BLM recently started rounding up wild horses on land between Rangely and Meeker. The ongoing round-up, or what the BLM calls a gather, was originally set for September. But BLM officials announced in June they were moving the event up two months. The BLM cited the poor condition of the wild horses, and the high numbers of horses roaming in the 190-thousand-acre Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area. The federal agency is seeking to remove 1,050 wild horses from the area. But wild horse advocates say the horses are not in poor condition, and that cattle are causing more problems on the range than the horses. The Mountain West News Bureau's Emma Gibson reports on climate change and cannabis.
  • KVNF's weekly live call-in gardening show
  • Mountain West News Bureau's Emma Gibson reports from New Mexico on recently celebrated the purchase of 54-thousand acres to create its largest state-owned recreation area. The deal carries special meaning for tribes in the area. And it’s one of the biggest public land acquisitions in the U-S this year. And the state of Colorado launches a grant program that will award $1.8 million to help get youth from underserved communities outdoors.
  • Capitol overage reporter Scott Franz reports on a mountaineering accident in Rocky Mountain National Park involving the head of Colorado’s energy office, Will Toor. We revisit an interview former news director Gavin Dahl had with Toor in January about electric vehicles. Plus, reporters from the Mountain West News Bureau report on increased child care funds and ranger shortages around the country's national parks.
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