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2023 Election Information

2023 Election Information

Ballots have been sent to registered voters in Colorado ahead of election day which is Tuesday, November 7.
If you need to register to vote, check or change your voter registration, the state’s election website is GoVoteColorado.gov
You can trace your mail-in ballot through BallotTrax, the state’s tracking system.
Monday, October 30, is the last day you can register to vote through the mail or online.
You can register in person at a polling center up until election day.
Same-day registration is available as long as you have lived in Colorado for 22 days prior to the election.
Monday, October 30 is the last recommended day to return your ballot by mail.
You can drop off your ballot at a local drop box by 7 p.m. on election day.

Find your local election office here.

Local Clerk and Recorder offices can be found below.
Delta County click here.
Montrose County click here.
Ouray County click here.
San Miguel County click here.
Mesa County click here.
Hinsdale County click here.

What’s on the ballot?
There are two statewide ballot measures:

Proposition HH, The Property Tax Changes and Revenue Change Measure which relates to state property taxes and revenue limits.
The ballot measure would reduce property valuation rates over the next decade and allow property owners to exempt part of their property’s value from taxation.
The nonpartisan legislative council staff has created this guide to calculate how Proposition HH will impact individual taxpayers.

Proposition II, The Property Tax Changes and Revenue Change Measure which relates to the tax revenue generated by tobacco and nicotine product sales.
The ballot measure would let the state keep more of the money it gets from taxes on tobacco and nicotine sales.
Read more about these measures in the state’s ballot information “blue book.”
Read more information about the two state-wide ballot measures on the Secretary of State’s website.

Montrose County Board of Education Election Candidates:

District A - Erik Westesen (incumbent) and Neisha Balleck ( two-year term)
District B - Ted Valerio (four-year term)
District D - Tom West (inducment) and Charli Oswald (four-year term)
District F - D. Jody Hovde and Dawn Schieldt (four-year term)

Delta County Board of Education Election Candidates:

District 2 - Tony Bohling
District 3 - Bethany Suppes
District 4 - Dan Burke (incumbent) and Hardy Hutto
(Four year terms)

Please find KVNF Election Coverage posted below.
  • 2023 Coordinated Election "I Voted" sticker
    Election Day is fast approaching, and many Coloradans are still wondering about Proposition HH, a complex ballot measure with implications for TABOR refunds and property tax bills. The ballot measure has been the subject of much discussion — and some confusion.For Rocky Mountain Community Radio, K-O-T-O’s Gavin McGough (Mc-GOFF) spoke with state Senate President Steve Fenberg to parse the details.
  • Partial map of the newly drawn lines for Delta County School Board District 4
    Delta County GIS
    This year’s school board elections in both Montrose and Delta County have major impacts on the respective communities. KVNF reached out to the candidates in both counties, however not all candidates were interviewed. Some candidates did not respond while others did not respond to our request. If we missed any candidates, we sincerely apologize.Delta County School Board President Dan Burke is running for re-election in newly drawn District 4. Burke is running against Hardy Hutto who lives in the Cedaredge area. KVNF did not hear back from Mr. Hutto at the time of this interview.This interview with Dan Burke is in addition to the interviews on our Local Motion: Meet the 2023 School Board Candidates.