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2013 KVNF Spring Pledge Drive


Change. Only six letters, but they string together to create one of the most powerful words in our language, and one of the most potent forces in our world.

Being a person with a strong bent toward etymology, I like to trace the origins of words as a means of unfolding their inner power. Like so many words in the English language, “change” comes to us from the Latin word cambire, meaning to exchange or barter. What a timely metaphor for KVNF’s 2013 Spring Pledge Drive!

In the face of grueling economic conditions and mounting pressures on public media to keep up with multi- platform content distribution and impactful public service, it’s easy to define change as something that is scary and intimidating. But, getting down to the root of it, it’s good to be reminded that change truly is an exchange: You give something to get something in any change scenario. You give up the familiar to experience the unfamiliar. You give up the way you’ve always done things in order to forge a new way of doing things. Change is a gift wrapped in a confounding package.

In so many ways, KVNF is a change agent and this past year has been a banner year for that. We gave up business as usual on the airwaves to bring you innovative programs like Pass the Mic and iSeeChange. We gave up thinking we were just too small and too inexperienced to be a local news source, and we brought you a daily local newscast (Mon. – Fri. at 8:00 am). We gave up thinking we needed to operate without enough resources and reached out to you, our members, to establish an annual fund (the Turn It Up Club, for ongoing annual gifts of $250 or more, independent of pledge drives) to support this station in uncertain economic times. The most magnificent thing about it is, that in every scenario, you responded. That’s where the exchange and barter comes in – the true gift we can all share.

This spring, KVNF is poised to tug on your heart strings and tickle your belly laugh. We’ve decided that, in the face of a swirling world of rapid change, we can celebrate our bountiful barter with you with humor and wit. We’re serving up a theme that appeals to the lighthearted and optimistic instincts we all rely on: Don’t Fear Change… Give it to KVNF!

Your financial support is given right back to you in the form of engaging, quality programming every day at KVNF. It’s the purest form of exchange and barter and NOW is the time to renew your membership and keep it going. Thanks for your consideration.