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Former Music Director Candy Pennetta has retired after 35 years of service. Andrea "Dre" Castillo has stepped in as Music Director & Volunteer DJ Coordinator. Here she will continue Candy's tradition by posting new music additions to KVNF weekly, and gives us a top pick for the week.

Black History Month - KVNF's Pick - Feb 12, 2024

Brittany Howard - What Now

Brittany Howard releases her second album, "What Now". It's a beautiful mix of genres with traditional influences, featuring diverse styles from avant-jazz to Prince-inspired tracks. Howard's powerful vocals and explorative guitar playing create a captivating and emotionally rich experience. The shifting tone provides a perfect backdrop for exploring the complexities of love and desire.

Stream "What Now" here.

Andrea (Dre) Castillo joined the KVNF staff in June, 2022. With a strong passion for music and people, Andrea serves as the Music Director & Volunteer DJ Coordinator at KVNF. She is originally from the West Coast and moved to the Western Slope of Colorado in 2016. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, rafting, drawing and going to see live music. You can catch her on the KVNF airwaves every 2nd Sunday of the month for "Laissez Faire" and every 5th Thursday of the month for "Room 2 Groove".