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Former Music Director Candy Pennetta has retired after 35 years of service. Andrea "Dre" Castillo has stepped in as Music Director & Volunteer DJ Coordinator. Here she will continue Candy's tradition by posting new music additions to KVNF weekly, and gives us a top pick for the week.

KVNF's Pick of the Week - April 1, 2024

Reyna Tropical - Malegría

Reyna Tropical's debut album, Malegría, blends influences from diverse cultural traditions, taking on themes of queer love and connecting to the earth and our ancestors. This album marks Reyna Tropical's transition from a duo musical project to a solo endeavor led by guitarist and songwriter Fabi Reyna after the tragic death of their music partner Nectali Diaz in 2022. Malegría takes listeners through a tropical journey guided by music.

Stream Malegría here.