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Pot Campaign Warns Teens Of Possible Dangers


Colorado is trying to show teens about marijuana's risks, maybe. 

Last week we reported on a recent survey that found that teens are seeing less risk in smoking marijuana.  To address this, the state of Colorado has launched a new media campaign, called “Don’t be a lab rat.”  KVNF’s Jake Ryan talked with the campaign creator Mike Sukel.

"There is a growing amount of scientific studies out there that show that marijuana can actually damage and cause long term harm to a kid’s brain," said Sukel, "there’s a lot of people that dispute the studies, the science is still in its infancy, so there’s a lot of controversy around the studies.  This campaign address that. "

Sukel said that the campaign will acknowledge the uncertainty front and center.  He said that teens care most about the facts. 

"Some of the famous anti drug campaigns, like Just Say No, some of those really didn’t have an effect on kids, they didn’t respond to that, they didn’t respond to scare tacticts," said Sukel, "kids are smart and they want the facts.  This campaign looks to deliver the facts and let kids make a wise decision."

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