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Rare Sight: Moose In Grand Junction

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The Grand Valley had an unusual visitor last week. Colorado Parks and Wildlife received calls about a moose in Grand Junction near Orchard Mesa. 

"As curious as that may sound it turned out to be true," said JT Romatzke, the area wildlife manager. "We did respond and did indeed find a young bull moose in the Grand Valley."

He said moose don’t fear humans and can be aggressive. That’s why CPW made the decision to tranquilize the animal. 

"He was then transported in a horse trailer back up onto the Grand Mesa to a farther location in much more suitable habitat," said Romatzke.

It’s estimated the Grand Mesa moose population is around 400 animals. Romatzke said the state reintroduced them to the area a decade ago.

"Over the course of the last 10 years, we’ve only had about three moose including this one come down into these lower elevations, this valley area," he said.

Right now it’s mating season for the large animals. Romatzke said the young male moose was probably driven away by bigger bulls.

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