Cody Purcell

I ventured to Fort Collins CO after being raised in Pueblo CO. I hosted a show at a college radio where I first attempted to sculpt my radio personality. This is where I cut my teeth on the reality of the country music genre. After college my wife and I moved to Cedaredge which is where we now call home.  Redneck Riviera is the show I host twice a month. It is a perfect fit due to my insane obsession with country music. When I say country music what I really mean is steel guitar laced, fiddle infused, traditional country music. I am a firm believer that country music is not dead although the Nashville scene indicates otherwise. Country music is alive and well but you must listen outside of mainstream pop country to find new solid country gold. Many artists have stated that country music is about life. It is about Monday-Friday blue collar life while other genres are all about the weekend. I believe in this statement. For every unique and challenging situation you are experiencing in life, there is a country song that relates to it. I dig deep into lyrics and country music has a way with words. Besides spoiling my ears with country music I enjoy escaping the chaos of town. The mountains will always be my second home.