Eric Goold

Eric Goold moved to Paonia in 2008. His career as a journalist spans more than 15 years, mostly as a sports writer for both daily and weekly newspapers in four different states. His background in radio began at KVNF in 2012 when he became a volunteer DJ hosting the Emotional Rescue show. He did a stint as KVNF's morning news host in 2014 and came back in 2016 to host Morning Edition as well as produce and host KVNF's Regional Newscast.

Goold is proud to carry on a strong tradition of community journalism at KVNF and works hard to maintain the standard established by the volunteers and professionals who created the KVNF News department. When he has free time he likes to walk his 12 year old pitbull Isabel around town.

  • Legislative session ends Friday, many bills still remain
  • Voters will decide on massive cigarette, nicotine tax increase
  • Paid family leave bill fails, will be studied for next year
  • Gray wolf to be taken off ESA protections without public comment
  • Most state voters approve wildlife migration route protections

Colorado Avalanche Information Center

KVNF News interviews Brian Lazar from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center about the historic avalanche season this past winter. For 12 days in March, large and very destructive avalanches fell across the state. We'll hear two reports from KBUT about the massive avalanches around Lake City. This Local  Motion also features two stories from the Rocky Mountain Community Radio exchange, about the sewer system in Denver and about a search for fossils in southeast Utah.

  • DMEA wins lawsuit, will have Tri State exit fee decided by PUC
  • Colorado voters will get chance to legalize sports betting in November
  • EPA protections on waterways, streams in West face rollbacks
  • Governor Polis signs budget on his 100th day in office

  • President Trump signs Colorado River drought management plan
  • Traveling geologist visits Crawford, talks history of North Fork Valley
  • Lawmakers grappling with new procedures to deal with complaints
  • Flood danger on West End greater due to large runoff

  • House budget offers funding for full day kindergarten across state
  • Governor Jared Polis signs SB 181, oil and gas regulations could take years
  • Federal government approves Colorado River Basin drought agreement
  • Iconic chapel at Air Force Academy has unique history

  • Vaccination bill making its way through State Capitol
  • Lawmakers seek to make paid family leave more available
  • Iconic Air Force Academy Chapel in dire need of repair funds

  • Governor Polis signs Red Flag Bill into law
  • Bill requiring law enforcement to release more records to media is signed
  • Proposed Senate Bill would help Coloradans pay for prescription meds
  • State lawmakers approve first draft of 30.5 billion dollar budget
  • H2O Radio looks at Colorado River Basin drought mitigation plan
  • Montrose Mayor goes to Washington D.C.

  • Former coal workers could get help from training program for new jobs
  • First of many health care cost bills debated at State Capitol
  • Rollbacks on pollution in streams and lakes statewide set to take effect soon
  • Capitol Coverage feature on dispute between police, media about public information

Felix Belmont and Eric Goold for KVNF News sit down with Delta County Director of Planning and Economic Development Elyse Ackerman Casselberry. She describes the role of the Planning Department and she talks about recent projects. Topics include planning, public meetings about civility, the process of writing new regulations for land development, and the Master Plan.

  • SB 181 passes Legislature, will become law with Governor's signature
  • Oil and gas industry in Western Colorado faces uncertainty about regulations
  • Life at the very end of the Colorado River changing on a dramatic basis
  • Plant, tree and bird species on the comeback in Colorado River Delta

  • Capitol Coverage of new driving regulations for I70 corridor during winter
  • Accidental wetland created in Colorado River Delta
  • Colorado River Compact states worked for years on Drought Mitigation plan

  • Colorado River Drought Mitigation Plan goes to President for approval
  • Delta County School Board hears from parents about key issues in district
  • Life changing for residents in Colorado River Delta in Mexico

  • Governor Jared Polis has 13-step plan to lower health care costs in state
  • First budget draft gives hundreds of millions to transportation
  • Colorado making progress placing foster children in homes
  • Lawmakers spearheading effort to rewrite winter driving regulations on I 70
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife begin enacting new laws, fees for boaters

  • Delta County officials hold third in series of Community Forums about land use
  • Dialogue about new land use regulations hinges on courtesy, civility
  • Delta High School students represent League of United Latin American Citizens

Students from Delta High School came to Paonia Town Hall on Thursday night to talk about civility in public discourse. The teenagers are part of a club called the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC. The students came to Thursday's Community Forum and shared their experiences about conducting positive dialogue among groups with diverse viewpoints. KVNF News spoke with three of the students to get their perspectives.

  • Senate Bill 181, local oil and gas regulations, passes on party line vote
  • New bill would allow local governments to determine oil and gas regulations
  • City of Montrose has new mayor, mayor pro tem
  • San Juan County sheriff officer shot in face, expected to recover
  • March snowfall on ski resorts sets new record

  • Democrats fail in their effort to repeal state death penalty
  • Western lawmakers pitch Drought Contigency Plan to Federal government
  • Pilot program in West End helps unemployed miners get back to work

  • Red Flag Bill passes through legislature, going to governor for signature
  • Citizens at Hotchkiss Town Hall seek answers to questions about bills
  • Meeting in Greeley to address ways people can agree to disagree
  • Proposed bill would cut greenhouse gas emissions in state

  • Hotchkiss Town Hall features angry citizens confronting lawmakers
  • Advocates of paid leave for 12 weeks have their say at State Capitol
  • Bill that addresses climate change in state going through legislature

Eric Goold

At a Town Hall meeting in Hotchkiss, angry citizens from around Delta County peppered questions at State Senator Kerry Donovan and Representative Julie McCluskie. The lawmakers were there to talk about the National Popular Vote, but citizens wanted to talk about more controversial news like the Red Flag Bill. KVNF News spoke with one of the visiting officials.

  • Senate approves 30 billion dollar budget, full day kindergarten funded
  • Red Flag Bill passes senate, 18-17, goes back to House and then to the Governor
  • Arch Coal gets long awaited approval to expand West Elk into roadless area
  • Expansion of West Elk Mine provides two more years of coal supplies
  • Grand Junction detective works on own time to solve Cold Case

  • Federal Judge rules BLM, USFS illegally approved Bull Mountain fracking proposal
  • Advocates of Community Care Centers go to Washington, seek funding
  • Colorado River drought mitigation plan goes to Feds for approval
  • DEA agents soon to have a fulltime office in Montrose

Eric Goold

In a recent meeting, Delta County Commissioners declared Delta to be a 2nd Amendment Preservation County. The move was made in opposition to House Bill 1177, the so called Red Flag Bill, that would allow guns to be taken away from those deemed a risk to themselves or others. At least two different public meetings were held. KVNF News speaks with the Delta Mayor, the Delta County Sheriff and a local gun dealer about Delta County's passion for gun rights.

  • Governor Jared Polis unveils new logo, state branding strategy
  • Lawmakers leaving money on the table by not giving food stamps to Coloradans
  • Governor says Sheriffs can use their own discretion in law enforcement
  • Top Democrat in Senate will not support controversial gun control measure
  • Bill banning gender identity therapies headed to Governor for signature

  • Governor Polis makes full day kindergarten his main priority
  • State lawmakers begin budget process this week
  • H2O Radio reports about rivalry between Edison, Tesla
  • Small Colorado town plays pivotal role in electric grid history

  • Feature about new oil and gas bill going through state legislature
  • New regulations would allow towns to determine setbacks
  • Oil and gas fight at state capitol getting louder, passionate on both sides
  • KVNF News interview with Bureau of Land Management spokesman
  • Proposed fracking in North Fork would require water to be trucked in

  • Hinsdale County experiencing historic avalanche season, 17 reported incidents
  • Avalanche buries and destroys home of Hinsdale County Sheriff
  • Local emergency declared, then lifted in Hinsdale County amid avalanches
  • Capitol Coverage of bill that will ask voters to go against TABOR

  • Delta County Commissioners approve resolution, 2nd Amendment Preservation status
  • Colorado River Compact states reach agreement on drought mitigation plans
  • Moms in Colorado are protesting possible EPA rollbacks on mercury regulations

  • Senate Bill 181 would redefine oil and gas regulations
  • House Bill 1177, the Red Flag Bill, causing counties to endorse sanctuaries
  • Record snowpack might be enough to fill Lake Mead, Colorado Rivershed
  • CDOT continues avalanche mitigation work on Red Mountain Pass

  • Colorado joins group of states lobbying for popular vote elections
  • Over 200 bills debated at State Capitol so far; not one of them about transportation
  • Delta County Commissioners to consider resolution declaring 2nd Amendment Sanctuary
  • First edition of state budget can't pay for Gov. Polis' fulltime kindergarten plan