The Hurricane

The Hurricane continues to pursue a 45-year career in disaster response and training, with emphasis on aviation. An earlier stay in Crawford ‘75’-’79 brought back good memories in 2004 when he came down from Boise on the Saddle Mtn fire, and less than 2 months later he and Maggie had taken up residence at Rancho Paradiso outside Crawford. 

A KVNF DJ since 2006, he claims that for him the act of creating playlists and “stringin’ it all together like a beautiful aural tapestry” is as important as the actual playing. 

“Out of all the stuff I’ve done and things I’ve seen -- firefighter, writer, husband, father --being a DJ at KVNF occupies a spot right up there at the top.  The people are special, the listeners are special, the music is so especially special . . . hell, the whole damned thing’s one big special."  Other than KVNF and wildfires and floods, he’s retired.


Ways to Connect

Released 05.15.2012 Starfaith

With the release of this CD, Carlos returns to the classic Santana Sound.  Stunning music, simply stunning.  The  CD’s title track, "Shape Shifter," as well as “Nomad,” are emblematic of Santa’s stinging guitar solos, the big Hammond B3 organ weaving in and out, relentless percussionists keeping everyone honest . . . Carlos' transgalactic musique is back . . . big time.

Released 09/13/2012 Beeble Records

Sugar Blue has done it again with his live 2-CD release “Raw Sugar.” One of the most striking tunes is an updated “Miss You.” Striking as in “it will flat blow you away.”

Released 10.15.12 Daptone Records

The Menahan Street Band is one of a crew of performers -- Sharon Jones, The Budos Band, Antibalas, Sugarman 3 to name a few -- who record on the Daptone Label out of Brooklyn. The Daptone artists as well as a bunch of other musicians are leading the Nu-Soul movement.