Jodi Peterson

News Editor

Jodi Peterson grew up on Colorado’s Front Range and attended Colorado State University, earning a B.A. in English and an M.A. in communication development. She spent 16 years working as a technical communicator with computer company Hewlett-Packard, then made a career shift to journalism. In 2005, she became news editor for the award-winning nonprofit newsmagazine High Country News; later she served as its managing editor for five years. In 2017, she went part-time as a contributing editor. Jodi was hired as KVNF’s news director in April 2019, and shifted to the news editor role in November 2020.

  • "Support Delta County" campaign encourages residents to buy locally
  • Russell Stover Chocolates announces August shutdown of Montrose operations
  • Wildland firefighting won't look the same during the pandemic
  • BLM charging back rent for renewable energy companies
  • Hospitals suffering financial losses due to COVID-19


In this edition, we discuss medical approaches to COVID-19, both traditional and alternative. To provide information about prevention and treatment from an alternative point of view, we talk with Rebecca Hitt of  Blue Dragon Acupuncture and Apothecary, and Gwendolynn Diaz of Origins Health. For the more traditional Western medicine perspective, we talk with Dr. Drew Bolton at Montrose Memorial Hospital. 

  • Gov. Polis sued over ballot signature-gathering decision
  • COVID-19 impacts wild horse holding facilities
  • Tracing contacts and testing: how Western Slope counties are fighting COVID-19
  • Counties face budget shortfalls
  • Natural gas industry takes sharp downturn

  • Colorado prepared for June elections, says Secretary of State
  • Colorado State Forest Service has app to help homeowners with wildfire risk
  • Audio postcard of kids dealing with pandemic

  • Western Slope counties seek to reopen businesses earlier than state
  • Montrose Memorial Hospital lays off 19 staff, makes budget cuts
  • High schools plan for graduation amid the pandemic

  • Gov. Polis seeks more federal aid for Colorado
  • Contact tracers help in fight against COVID-19
  • New tool helps homeowners at high risk of wildfire

  • Grants for Western Slope trail projects
  • Grizzly protections being reviewed again
  • Wind River tribes combat COVID-19

  • May 5 special election results
  • Mesa County reopens restaurants, gyms
  • Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Curecanti NRA providing more access
  • Montrose gets facility for cleaning essential protective equipment for COVID-19
  • Delta and Montrose libraries get creative during pandemic

  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife releases big game report
  • State faces major budget cuts
  • Consumers struggle with rising utility bills during pandemic

  • San Miguel County gets COVID-19 antibody test results
  • Western Slope farmers' markets plan to reopen amidst pandemic
  • Unique programs help those in need


  The pandemic has taken a huge toll on area businesses, as retailers have shut down, hair salons and gyms have closed, and bars and restaurants have drastically curtailed operations or closed entirely. As Colorado begins to ease up on restrictions, all these businesses are trying to rebound, but face huge challenges in recovering. On this Local Motion we discuss economic recovery with representatives from Mesa County, Delta County and Montrose.


  •  Camping closed at Colorado state parks, national forest lands
  • Mesa County businesses reopening, with a bit of confusion
  • Candidates for US Senate face campaign challenges amid pandemic

  • Colorado abandons public option for health insurance
  • COVID-19 vaccine facility proposed for Montrose
  • West's mining industry continues amid pandemic

  • Colorado bans hunting contests for coyotes, prairie dogs and more
  • Supreme Court considers overturning program that protects young immigrants from deportation
  • Summer festivals cancelled on Western Slope

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic, and the anxiety and economic difficulties it’s causing are affecting our state of mind. Kaiser Family Foundation reports that nearly half of adults across the country say that worry, stress and depression related to the coronavirus are hurting their mental health.

This live edition of Local Motion featured two COVID-19 survivors discussing their experience with the disease, and a physician working on a COVID-19 unit at Montrose Memorial Hospital.

This live edition of Local Motion featured Ouray County, Town of Ouray, and Town of Ridgway officials answering questions from listeners about the COVID-19 response. 

This edition of Local Motion features Delta County and Montrose County officials, answering questions from listeners about the COVID-19 response.

Included are Robbie LeValley, Delta Count administrator, Karen O'Brien, Delta County Public Health Director, Dr. Susan Bright, and Montrose County media relations manager Katie Yergensen.


What should you do if you think you might have the coronavirus? How are Western Slope hospitals preparing for their first COVID-19 patients? KVNF's Jodi Peterson interviews staffers from Delta Memorial and Montrose Memorial to answer these questions and more.

U.S. Census Bureau

It’s Census time again – that nationwide government survey that aims to count the members of every household in the country every ten years. This edition of Local Motion delves into the U.S. Census to explain how this nationwide headcount is at the core of power and money distribution in our country, and why it matters if you fill it out. KVNF's Jodi Peterson interviews officials with the federal  Census Bureau and the Census Project, a coalition of national, state, and local organizations supporting an inclusive and accurate 2020 Census.

Jodi Peterson

This week's program is about outdoor recreation, and how Western Slope cities like Grand Junction and Montrose are working to expand that segment of their economies. First, KVNF's Jodi Peterson hears from the president of Colorado Outdoors, a development along the Uncompahgre River in Montrose aiming to bring in outdoor recreation businesses.  Then she talks to a director at the Grand Junction Economic Partnership about how his city is pursuing outdoors-oriented companies. Then she interviews the owner of one of those companies, RockyMounts.

Colorado Department of Transportation

In this edition, we talk about public transit. Here on the Western Slope, distances between towns are long, and we end up mostly driving our own cars to get where we need to go. But the state of Colorado is working to make it easier to leave the car at home for trips between towns, and even to the Front Range, with its Bustang bus service. KVNF's Jodi Peterson interviews a public transit expert, the head of CDOT's Bustang service, and several passengers and drivers.

Alan Wartes

Delta Brick & Climate Company was founded by Christopher Caskey, a scientist and entrepreneur who is passionate about energy, sustainable business development, and innovation. Caskey's business aims to make a difference in several big picture environmental challenges at once. This piece was produced by Alan Wartes as part of The Flyovers podcast. Through his discussions with various entrepreneurs, Wartes reveals the challenges, opportunities, and the importance of founding a business in a rural community.

Jodi Peterson

This week’s edition focuses on services available on the Western Slope to help people who have some type of disability. We hear from state agencies and local organizations that offer everything from translation services for deaf people to assistance with finding a job, including the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Center for Independence, and Mosaic. The program starts with an interview with Cindy La Joy of Montrose.

Jodi Peterson

Perhaps you’re celebrating Christmas, or perhaps you observe Hanukkah instead, or Kwanzaa, or have some other way to mark the season.  We all observe holidays in our own ways and with our own customs, and on Local Motion this week we have Christmas memories to share from some of our local seniors, at Colorow Care Center in Olathe and Crossroads Senior Living in Delta. This edition also includes a segment on Christmas music and memories from "With Good Reason."

Ridgway Creative District

Colorado is home to thousands of artists, artisans and creators of all kinds – musicians, potters, painters, to name just a few. Twenty-six Colorado cities have state-certified Creative Districts, and today we’ll talk about what those creative districts are, and how they benefit the communities they’re located in. We’ll hear from a state official and the North Fork Valley Creative Coalition, and we’ll pay a visit to Ridgway’s Creative District.  On the Western Slope, creative districts are also found in Grand Junction, Telluride, Carbondale, Salida and Steamboat Springs.

West Elk Community Fund

As the holiday season approaches, many people think about charitable donations. Philanthropy can take many forms, and one common outlet is foundations.  These organizations are typically nonprofits, and manage donated money and assets to provide grants for community projects.

Jodi Peterson

This week's edition is about programs that get Western Slope youth outdoors to enjoy the beautiful open lands that surround us. Such opportunities benefit kids, and their families, in many ways. KVNF's Jodi Peterson interviews various people who run these programs, and parents and kids who participate.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Thirty-three Western Slope immigrants became official citizens of the United States in September, during a ceremony at Colorado National Monument. KVNF's Jodi Peterson interviews several of them about their stories, and what becoming a naturalized resident means to them.  She also talks to federal and academic experts about the process of becoming a citizen, and why citizenship is important for our communities and the nation.

San Juan Citizens Alliance

This week’s program is about oil and gas regulation, and a new Colorado law giving  communities greater control over drilling inside their borders.  SB 181 will result in a new set of state-wide regulations for oil and gas. It also lets local governments develop regulations that are more stringent than the states, if they choose, and many are doing so. Here on the Western Slope, communities are taking different approaches to regulating the industry.