Archive of Depression Era Photos Available By County

Sep 25, 2014

Two sheepmen talking. Cimarron, Colorado
Credit Russell Lee

Back in the late 1930’s, President Roosevelt started a massive photography campaign across America to document poor farmers.  Thousands upon thousands of photographs were taken, and they’re in the Library of Congress.

Hay stack and automobile of peach pickers, Delta County, Colorado
Credit Russell Lee

Recently, Yale University created a new way to look at them.  Anyone can go online and find depression era photographs by county. 

The site has hundreds of photographs from Delta, Mesa, Montrose, Ouray, Gunnison, and San Miguel counties.  There’s color and black and white photos of abandoned Telluride gold mines, the 1940 delta county fair, barbeques and more.  You can find the site here.

Sheepherder, Ouray County, Colorado
Credit Russell Lee