FERC Gives DMEA Greenlight To Buy More Local Power

Jun 19, 2015

Credit Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

A federal decision issued Thursday says the Delta-Montrose Electric Association is obligated to purchase power from qualifying facilities.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decision means DMEA can buy more locally produced power.

Previously, the electric cooperative could only buy five-percent of its energy from providers other than Tri-State, a wholesale power supplier in four states.

"We feel that this decision is a victory for DMEA," says Virginia Harmon, DMEA’s manager of member relations. "It will allow us to hopefully interconnect with more local renewable power which helps stabilize the rates for our members and promote economic development throughout our community."

The decision is a blow to Tri-State. The company protested the moved by DMEA to try to purchase more local power saying it would raise prices for the 43 other electric cooperatives it serves.