The Flock Has Landed

Jan 31, 2014

After a daring escape from the Washington D.C. Zoo and a long and arduous journey, the pink flamingo activists have arrived safely in Paonia. 

Their wings and beaks are a bit frozen from fighting the snow storm for weeks. Not to fear, we’re quickly warming them up and showing them around town. They’re relieved to have finally arrived in the North Fork Valley and they’re ready to give a leg up to KVNF Community Radio.

Their first stop, of course, was at the KVNF studios. The birds browsed the music collection and boogied around the station. They were in desperate need of new tunes after their long journey. Luckily, KVNF has almost 40,000 CDs to choose from!

The birds were highly impressed by KVNF's music collection.

Then they popped their heads into the On-Air studio and surprised long time DJ, Felix Belmont.

DJ, Felix Belmont surprised by the flock!

Malnourished and tired from their journey they headed to the local grocery store, Don’s Market to stock up on supplies. They had fun pushing each other around the store in the grocery carts.

Discovering the wonders of both shopping carts and grocery stores at Don's Market in Paonia.

Finally, they wrapped up their tour of the town with a trip to the Revolution Brewing Tasting Room to sample their delicious beer and socialize with the townsfolk.!

Now that they have a good lay out of the town, they’re ready to start flocking community members’ front yards this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled, especially because they may be buried under a couple feet of snow!

If you’d like to flock one of your friends, click here and we’ll add the stop to their flight path.

Stay tuned for more updates about our pink, plastic feathered friends.


The Flocking Coordinator