KVNF Field Sessions: Handmade Moments

Jan 28, 2016

Credit Teya Cranson

Sultry, Sensual, and Sexy: these are words that describe the music of Handmade Moments, aka Anna Horton and Joel Ludford. The Moments, as they are sometimes called, have built a solid reputation for the intricate interplay between their acoustic instruments and their impressive vocals. They've composed a modern sound made of two distinct traditions: folk and jazz. Like a cook who discovers that you can put pancakes and bacon together to make a delicious breakfast, the Moments have re-purposed these two genres to make an all together new sensation.

For this KVNF Field Session, The Moments boarded a horse-drawn wagon out at the Old River Road Trading Post, near Paonia, CO. Our thanks to wagon driver Greg Cranson & his team.

For more information about Handmade Moments' music, visit these fine folks:

Trout Records