KVNF Local Newscast: Monday, April 08, 2013

Apr 8, 2013


  • State Budget Clears House With 9 Republican Votes
  • Governor At Center Of Oil And Gas Battles (click on Read more for a list of pending legislation)
  • Reporters Discuss the Aftermath of Gun Legislation
  • iSeeChange: Cornstalk Bales Off an Alternative for Ranchers

A list of bills filed in the Colorado Senate and House dealing with oil and gas drilling and development:

HB 1267 raises the maximum daily fine for an oil-and-gas rule violation from $1000 to $15,000. It removes a $10,000 cap on any single fine and sets a minimum fine of $6,000 for health and safety violations.

HB 1268 requires a seller to disclose if the oil-and-gas rights have been leased on a property. This bill passed the House unanimously Tuesday.

HB 1269 aims to reduce conflicts of interest on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission by not allowing people paid by the industry to serve as commissioners and removing the agency's mandate to "foster" oil and gas development. This bill is ready for a vote by the full House.

HB 1273 provides funds to local governments to oversee and inspect oil and gas operations.

HB 1275 authorizes a one-year report on Front Range health issues from oil and gas drilling and directs closing facilities that pose a risk.

HB 1278 lowers the size of a spill that must be reported to state and local officials from five barrels to one barrel and 42 gallons.

SB 202 adds inspectors and support staff so all oil and gas facilities in the state are inspected once a year. The cost of adding the estimated 65 staffers is $8.2 million.