Lake City Translator is Off the Air

Jun 20, 2019

Round Top translator site high above Lake City
Credit Jeff Reynolds

7/24/19 UPDATE:
The site's electrical system is back in service, but unfortunately KVNF's equipment did not come back on the air when power was restored. We've contacted our engineer for help & will get him up there as soon as possible.  Stream us at in the meantime, and thanks for your patience.

7/10/19 UPDATE:
KVNF staff visited the site Tuesday, July 9th & replaced a lightning-damaged piece of KVNF equipment. However, the site's solar-powered electrical system is down, possibly also due to lightning, and that system belongs to and is managed by the Town of Lake City.  We are waiting to hear from them when the power system repairs will be scheduled. Stay tuned to in the meantime.

KVNF's Lake City translator at 88.7 FM has apparently taken lightning damage, and is currently off the air. We will undertake repairs as soon as we can access the site.