Listen to Entire Lauren Boebert Interview

Oct 16, 2020

Republican Lauren Boebert is running for Congress in Colorado's Third District against Diane Mitsch Bush. She is a business owner with a GED and no previous government experience. Should voters choose a novice with a gun on her hip over a veteran politician known for bipartisan compromise? KVNF reporter Gavin Dahl spoke with Boebert on Thursday, October 15th to learn more about her views. Here is the entire unedited interview.

Lauren Boebert campaigns in Delta
Credit Lucas Vader / Delta County Independent

Here is the clip aired as part one, where Gavin asks the candidate about appealing to independent voters and the threat of white supremacist violence identified by Homeland Security.

Here is the clip aired as part two, where Gavin asks the candidate to contrast the handling of the coronavirus by President Trump and Governor Polis, as well as questions about jobs, energy, and the environment.