Local Motion: Mobile Air Quality Monitoring in the North Fork Valley

Nov 26, 2013

Credit Travis Bubenik

Today on the program we talk with Aspen Public Radio's Elise Thatcher, who was recently in the North Fork Valley reporting on a mobile air quality monitoring study being coordinated by Citizens for a Healthy Community and the Endocrine Disruption Exchange, or TEDX. 

The project puts mobile backpack monitoring gear in the hands of volunteers to see what, if any, toxic chemicals are present in our region's air.

Clarification - Jim Ramey of the CHC contacted us to say the term "mobile" is perhaps misleading, as volunteers with this study are confined to the premises of their property for the 24-hour study period. 

"Our study was designed to get at personal exposure to chemicals that can come from drilling," Ramey says. "Hence, the need for backpacks and person-based and property-based sampling."