Local Motion: The Solar Sisters Of Pakistan

Feb 17, 2016

Sister Maria Daniel, left, and Sister Samina Iqbal in front of a solar array at the SEI campus in Panoia, Colo.
Credit Laura Palmisano / KVNF

Last year, two nuns from Pakistan visited Paonia. Sister Samina Iqbal and Sister Maria Daniel came to the North Fork Valley to take more classes at Solar Energy International. Through the nonprofit school, the nuns with the Sisters of Loretto have learned how to install and troubleshoot solar systems. Samina and Maria say they are the only women in Pakistan doing solar installation. And, they’ve set up systems at missions, schools and homes. KVNF's Laura Palmisano spoke to the women last August about electricity issues in their homeland, why solar makes sense there, and the challenges of being a woman and nun doing this type of work.