Local Nonprofit Now Providing Legal Aid For Immigrants

Jun 3, 2015

Two employees of the Hispanic Affairs Project, a Western Slope nonprofit, recently got certified to offer legal aid to immigrants. 

The organization is helping people who can’t afford to hire an attorney.  

Credit Jake Ryan / KVNF

"I’m an immigrant myself and I know how difficult, complicated and sometimes very frustrating the immigration process can be," said Marketa Zubkova with HAP. 

It took her two years to become an accredited legal representative.

Zubkova said there's no other agency providing this kind of service to low-income immigrants on the Western Slope.

"We are hoping that we can help a lot of people if they are undocumented to become documented or if they are already documented to adjust their status for a better immigration benefit," she said.  

HAP said its goal is to prevent immigrants from being scammed by people who offer phony legal aid.

The organization has offices in Grand Junction and Montrose and serves six counties in western Colorado.