The Mystic's Almanac - Brain Food

Sep 21, 2012

Aired Sunday 9/16/12

Whatever I focus my attention on becomes "reality," whether I'm focused on fact or fiction.

By Dr. Judith Boice

As a child I was deeply affected by scary movies. After watching a Vincent Price film, I couldn't sleep for a month. I quickly learned to "just say no" to horror films. An avid reader, I also traveled so deeply into the world of a book that I had no awareness of someone hollering at me from three feet away. In that moment, what was more "real" - the shaded chair at the neighborhood pool OR the detective novel I was reading? "Reality" shifts and tilts along with my focus. I'm learning that I need to choose my brain food carefully. I prefer Mozart to heavy metal and Jane Austin to James Patterson. The more nourishing "food" I choose, the healthier my body-mind will be.