The Mystic's Almanac - Light On the Land

Sep 23, 2012

Aired Sunday, Sept. 23rd, 2012

Autumn is light, illuminated amber, reflected in an angle of prayer.

by Dr. Judith Boice

Growing up in Ohio, I was transfixed by the extraordinary quality of light on the land. I would abandon the school bus and walk home because I couldn't bear to be separated from the crystalline light. Several times I had experiences of complete stillness, like a long held breath, filled with liquid amber light. In autumn I also feel a tinge of regret as I chafe against the dwindling light and the forced encampment of schools and houses. I sensed the dance of light and dark as they waltzed around the wheel of life. Now, on the autumn equinox, they balance for a breath, celebrating the autumnal light on the land.