Only Some Can Party At Bud Light's Whatever Event In Crested Butte

Sep 2, 2014

Bud Light will be taking over Crested Butte this weekend, but only some people are invited to party.

Gunnison County residents with a valid ID and Bud Light contest winners can enter the party zone that covers three city blocks in downtown Crested Butte. 

Bud Light paid Crested Butte $500,000 to take it over.

Tom Martin with the Crested Butte Marshal’s Office is asking people to visit the town another weekend.  

"Sorry we can’t invite everybody, but it’s just what it is," Martin says. "The venue won’t hold anybody else as far as crowd size."

Martin estimates thousands of people will be there.

"I've hired some outside officers," he says "There will be about 20 police officers present in and around the venue."

Martin says Bud Light has hired a security company that will provide the town with 90 additional security officers.

Bud Light paid the town half a million dollars to take it over. Town streets and light posts will be painted Bud Light blue.

Some people who live in Crested Butte are not happy about the event. However, some business owners who are part it are pleased.