Palisade Votes Against Pot

Nov 14, 2014

After days of waiting, there’s a final word on a ballot issue from Palisade.

Issue 2A proposed the sale of retail marijuana in the town limits.  After the first night, the issue was losing by 11 votes.  By the next day, it was losing by four votes. 

Credit Laura Palmisano / KVNF

The Clerk's office then had to sent out letters to those that didn't sign their ballots, and waited on a few more before the deadline on the 12th of November.

Including military and other ballots, 22 votes have been added to the tallies.

The final tally is 535 yes votes, and 541 no votes. 

That puts the 2A issue losing by six votes.  Although incredibly close, it misses the cutoff for a automatic recount by one vote.  It appears the count will not be contested.