Pass the Mic 2013: The Video Collection

Dec 11, 2013

The youth reporters from the 2013 round of Pass the Mic have produced some entertaining and informative videos. They interviewed members of the community that represented different sectors of the local economy, including agriculture, energy, arts, healthcare, and recreation.

They also interviewed a group of teens, asking them what it's like to be a teenager in the North Fork Valley. Enjoy their videos below!

Agriculture: An interview with hops farmer, Glen Fuller, and Mike King, and owner and brewer of Revolution Brewery.

Healthcare: A profile on the North Fork Ambulance Association, including an interview with volunteer EMT, Linda Kiser.

Energy: A profile on the kids' visit to the Bowie Coal Mine with miners, RJ Wist and Jake Wilson.  The kids visit Harding Ranch to learn about Todd Harding's micro-hydro system installed to power his ranch. SEI instructor, Jeff Tobe talks about the future of solar energy.

Arts: An exploration of the theater, art and music festival scenes in the North Fork Valley.  Interviews with Paonia Players' Merrily Talbott, the Blue Sage Center's Annette Pretorius and Allison Russell and JT Nero of the band, "Birds of Chicago".

Recreation: Interviews with taxidermist and hunting guide, Robert Stephenson and dancer, Lindsey Ballyhoo.

Teens: What's it like to be teenager in the North Fork Valley?  Anika Carlson, Shira Woods, Ethan Eller, Harry Happy, Cash Weaver and Marisa Edmondson explain.