Perfume Genius // Put Your Back N 2 It

Feb 25, 2012

Released 2.25.12 Matador

Another hauntingly soft and beautiful turn through the painful past of Mike Hadreas. This time the melodies aren't hung so gauntly on the notes of a singular piano, as with Learning, but fleshed out with a little more instrumentation and collaboration. Back deals with many of the same issues as Learning, but with a tinge of nourishment added to the pallor.

The title Put Your Back N 2 It makes an unsettling, sarcastic light of the affects of physical abuse, prejudice, and self-loathing dealt with in the album. On Back Hadreas drags his demons and ghosts into the open to desiccate their shadows. You get the feeling it's cleansing- you and him.  Recommended Tracks: No Tear (3), Dark Parts (7), Hood (9), Floating Spit (11)


- DJ Jurassica