Russell Stover Candies Bought By Swiss Chocolate Company Lindt

Jul 28, 2014

Swiss chocolate company Lindt has purchased Russell Stover Candies, which had a factory in Montrose.

Russell Stover Candies has been bought by Swiss chocolate company Lindt & Sprüngli. The purchase was announced earlier this month. 

Russell Stover has two factories in Kansas, one in Texas, and one in Montrose, Colorado.

The purchase makes Lindt the number three chocolate manufacturer in North American, according to the announcement.

KVNF tried to reach Russell Stover to comment on the acquisition and see how it will affect the factory in Montrose. The company has yet to respond to the request.

The price of the sale wasn't disclosed, but the Financial Times estimated the number to be around $1.4 billion dollars. 

Russell Stover reports annual sales around $500 million dollars and employees about 2,700 people.