Sonny & The Sunsets // Longtime Companion

Jul 25, 2012

Released 7.31.12 Polyvinyl

Sonny Smith recorded a country album after a breakup...When our tummies settle from the chuckle that incites, two things become clear:

  1. The drive to use steel guitar in the midst of pain must be innate
  2. A twang suits Sonny pretty well.

    Traditionally jangling, sunny pop (no pun intended), Sonny & The Sunsets are known for their tongue-in-cheek-edging-on-bizarre lyrics laid on a bed of straight forward, lo-fi melodies. Longtime Companion is a playful country-pop album that tones down Sonny’s wry whimsy, in favor of a general, but unrelatable string of ballads that make light of the emotions they portray. As always, he makes the real feel no-so-real; the painful, silly; and the familiar, bizarre. Longtime Companion is a great way to alienate your heartbreak.


Fun Fact: In 2010, Sonny wrote the music for the 100 Records art project. Starting in Sonny’s home town of San Francisco, the project commissioned 100 artists to create 100 fictional album covers & artists. Sonny then wrote 200 songs to go with the “albums,” an a side and a b side for each.


Recommended Tracks: Children of the Beehive (3), Year of The Cock (5), Pretend You Love Me (4), Sea of Darkness (8), Dried Blood (2)


-DJ Jurassica