Special - Blindspot: The Road to 9/11

Sep 9, 2021

While the devastating images of the 9/11 attacks are seared into our national collective memory, most of the events that led up to that day took place out of public view. Blindspot: The Road to 9/11 brings to light the decade-long “shadow struggle” that preceded the attacks. Hosted by WNYC reporter Jim O’Grady, this 2-hour special draws on interviews with a range of sources — including CIA agents, security experts, and people who knew the terrorists personally — and weaves them together with original reporting to create a gripping, narrative audio experience.

Blindspot: The Road to 9/11 will air Sunday, Sept. 12th, from 3:00-5:00 pm on KVNF, pre-empting The Thomas Jefferson Hour and KCRW's Left, Right & Center.