Thompson Divide Swap Gets Delta County Support

May 20, 2015

Several counties across the Western Slope have supported the Thompson Divide lease swap.  Delta County was one of the last holdouts, but they made their decision on Monday.

Robbie LeValley is the Delta County Administrator.

“After extensive conversations with the community, with SG Interests, with the surrounding counties, the Delta County Commissioners signed a letter supporting the referenced federal oil and gas lease exchange proposed by SG Interests,” said LeValley.  “SG Interests offers leases in its Thompson Divide area to be exchanged for like leases in Delta, Mesa and Gunnison Counties.”

So far, no board of county commissioners in the area has not supported the lease swap.  LeValley does note that the commissioner’s letter says that this is only the beginning of a long conversation.

“The board wants to reiterate that this is the very first step.  This is a long process and there will be significant time for input.  This will follow all local, state, federal regulations,” she said.

There’s still the question of if the lease swap will even happen.  It will take an act of the U.S. Congress to allow the swap.  The Thompson Divide leases may be approved soon by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, but they’re still under review from the BLM, who may revoke them.