As the Worm Turns 2013: Tips from Lance, the Gardener

Sep 24, 2013

Listen to all the invaluable tips from local gardener, Lance Swigart, from the 2013 growing season. 

Lance  joins Donna and Patrick on Monday mornings through the growing season to share what's important in the garden this week.

Suze Smith


Monday, Dec. 30th. Last episode of 2013


Monday, Dec. 23rd


Monday, Dec. 16th


Monday, Dec. 9th - Seed catalogs, tilling vs. not tilling.


Monday, Dec. 2nd



Monday, Nov. 25th


Monday, Nov. 18th


Monday, Nov. 11th



Monday, Nov. 4th - Fall cleanup continues, plus preparing beds that will be used for spring planting.


Monday, Oct. 28th - Leaves for mulch & compost, storage conditions for various crops, plans for winter.


Monday, Oct. 21st - Planting garlic, spreading compost, raking leaves for mulch & compost, planting cover crops.


Monday, Oct. 14th - Late Fall gardening & wooly worm predictions


Monday, Oct. 7th - 'Fall Cleanup'


Monday, 9/30 Episode








July 22 - Orange silly string fungus (dotter), squash bug control. Garlic spray for aphids, white flies in apples, pear slugs.  Review of fall planting timing.  Fall turnips = 24th of July.


  July 15- Lance tells us to plant beets, carrots and peas for a fall harvest and also for seed stock. He describes how to thresh and winnow peas, and tells us he is still watering despite the monsoon rains.


July 8 - Garlic harvested a week or two early this year, pinto bean planting post garlic,  Fall lettuce, radishes, peas, spinach, cabbage planting.  Predictions for late tomato planting.  Mulching mistakes. Follow up with rust - on roses and the lawn.


July 1 - Stopped watering garlic for harvest - what to look for to know ready for harvest, thinning carrots, grapes react badly (rust vs. mildew, signs of insufficient watering), know your potatoes.


Jun 24 - Lack of carrot seed germination (cold stratifying), planting cabbage, kale, dill, carrots, and top dressing plants.  Leaf miners. Felix recommends eating larva from the garden for sustenance and survival.


June 17- 

Mulching potatoes and pests; flea beetles; leaf miners; use of wood ash; thinning pears and apples


June 10- Planting options; over-wintering crops for seed; thinning pole beans, squash, melon; garlic snapes; seed saving tips


June 3- More pest control - grasshoppers, aphids, coddling moths, borers; recent light frost; fruit tree planting advice; grapevines


May 27 - Pest control - white flies, leaf miners, asparagus beetles. Thinning carrots, parsnips. More dry bean planting, carrots.  Lettuce, cilantro, green onions planted every two weeks throughout season.


May 20 - Planting carrots, corn, dry beans, pole beans, cucumbers, melons, and winter squash this week. Tomatoes and peppers next week. Asparagus info.  Virtue of dandelions and weeds.


May 13 - Helping plants recover from frost, mallow/button weed roots, potatoes, flea beetles, signs of frost danger over and bean tips.


May 6 - signs of warming weather, grasshoppers, timing of planting veggies, stone fruit pollination, soil preparation and compost.

April 22

Onions (by seed):  He likes Yellow Spanish, Newberger and Red Man onions - all good storage onions

Seed potatoes - planting potatoes for seed next year.  grows them like regular potatoes but picks the medium size taters for seed - choosing those that are the furthest and deepest from the stalk.  He also recommends not washing or cleaning the seed potatoes to prevent any kind of damage to skin = store in the state that they come out of the ground with.  

Carrots - rumba, red core chanteray and danvers - later in the season he'll plant a french half-long.

Cool weather crops - lettuces, spinach, chard, arugula, broccoli, cabbage, beets, and parsnips!