As the Worm Turns - Tuesday, Sept. 13th

Sep 15, 2016

CSU Extension Agent Ron Godin

Soil Scientist Ron Godin of CSU Extension is our guest tonight, with gardening guru Lance Swigart & host Jill Spears. (Lulu has "gone to the dogs" - she's away at the National Sheep Dog Trials in Carbondale. We do get a call from her during the show...)

The discussion focuses on cover crops, especially as way to achieve "no till" planting while enhancing the soils fertility. Bob calls to recommend the book One-Straw Revolution, which is a classic work about just that type of thinking.

A Montrose caller asks about growing hops in our area, and Brenda chimes in from Lake City to let us know that they grow well, even at her 8,000 ft elevation!