Confessions of a Heavy Thinker

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Confessions of a Heavy Thinker is a short feature created by Angus Stocking, whose intention is to loosen the listener's grip on fixed beliefs, so that more pleasant beliefs can be selected and implemented. In addition to Confessions, Angus also publishes essays on his blog,, and has contributed essays to His Kindle ebook, also titled Confessions of a Heavy Thinker, is available on Amazon for a very reasonable sum.

The myth about myths...

Angus got a new tattoo and god has something to do with it.

Go ahead,  embarrass yourself.

Confessions of a Heavy Thinker - Strawberry Shortcake

Dec 20, 2013

Weekly essay by Angus Stocking. This episode aired on Thursday, Dec. 19th & Sunday, Dec. 22nd.

It's never too late to start...

Guardian angels are easy to find.

  The man behind the man behind the curtain...

How many units of pleasure are contained in a bottle of scotch?

Confessions of a Heavy Thinker: Go Forth and Lose

Jul 11, 2013
<A HREF="">Okinawa Soba</a>

Lessons learned (or not) from an ancient game.