Pot o' Gold (KVNF)

Saturday morning 9-10am
  • Hosted by Don & Wally, Carmen Rodriquez, Tony Soto

Follow Don & Wally,  DJ Double Rainbow or The Sound Man through the magical world of children’s music and stories they create each Saturday morning.

Ways to Connect

Theo, Aiya, Sky and Helena share creative stories, ideas, opinions and British accents from the 2017 Youth Radio Camp.

The Four Portals (Kalia, Hannah, Trinity and Twyla) take us to strange and wonderful places in the stories they produced during the 2017 Fall Radio Camp. 


The Giant Pandas Youth Radio Group - Ace, Carmen, Nikoya and Otus, share their stories from the 2017 Fall Camp...

Carmen went down to Mrs. Simpsons second grade class at Paonia Elementary School to ask them all about Thanksgiving.