Podcasts and RSS Feeds

Western Slope Skies
Bi-weekly astronomy feature produced by members of the Black Canyon Astronomical Society.
As the Worm Turns
Weekly live call-in program about gardening.
Local Motion
In-depth local public affairs reporting and interviews from around the KVNF listening area.
KVNF Regional Newscast
Twice-daily regional news from KVNF.
Talkin Music
Highlighting musical artists from a variety of genres with interviews, music and live performances.
Rain & Shine
KVNF’s regional weekly science update where we explore how our planet works and how we work with the planet.
Mindful Moments
A weekly opportunity for you to pause, find stillness, and look inward, leading to a better understanding of self and of the world around you. Your host Erin Easton will offer teachings to help you find more kindness, peace, and ease in your daily life.