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KVNF Regional Newscast: July 25, 2022

A helicopter from Buckley Space Force Base lowered a litter to rescue Will Toor from a remote snowfield in Rocky Mountain National Park on July 10 after the climber fell about 1,000 feet down a snowy couloir and broke his leg. (Courtesy Markian Feduschak)

(:05) You are tuned in to KVNF’s Regional Newscast for Monday, July 25th. I’m Stephanie Maltarich.

(:35) On Friday Charles Ashby from the Daily Sentinel reported that a warrant for the immediate arrest of indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was signed on Thursday afternoon. Peters violated her bond when she emailed counties across the state on Wednesday morning. Her email asked for a recount of the June primary election results. Peters lost her bid for GOP secretary of state but has failed to accept the results of the primaries, where she won only seven of Colorado’s 64 counties. Peters bond states she is not allowed to have contact with anyone in her office. It is unknown how long Peters will remain in jail.

(:24) The board of trustees in Hotchkiss voted unanimously to support a comparative wage study for city employees. Frank Witowski with the Delta County Independent said Mayor Jim Wingfield proposed a 1-3% wage increase to the board based on performance and the results of the research study. The city is currently looking for a private firm to conduct the survey which will look into how Hotchkiss wages compare to similar towns.

(:18) And on Friday, The Mesa County Coroner’s Office released a report about a stabbing incident that took place in Grand Junction on July 18. Twenty-six-year-old Grand Junction resident Michael Armstrong Jr. died from multiple stab wounds. Grand Junction Police Department is overseeing the investigation.

During the pandemic, efforts have increased to address the national child care crisis. Several states in our region are taking steps to reduce the cost of care for low-income families. The Mountain West News Bureau’s Kaleb Roedel reports.

SPOT (:59)

National Park Service rangers are being stretched dangerously thin, according to a new report. As the Mountain West News Bureau’s Will Walkey reports, staffing is shrinking despite increases in visitation, search and rescue incidents, and crimes on federal parklands.


The head of Colorado’s energy office says he is recovering from a serious mountain climbing accident in Rocky Mountain National Park. Capitol Coverage reporter Scott Franz has more.

SPOT (:36)

Gavin Dahl interviewed Will Toor last January about the state’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The following segment discusses the growing demand for electric vehicles and rural EV charging infrastructure.

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That wraps up Monday’s KVNF regional newscast. I'm Stephanie Maltarich, thanks for listening.

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