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KVNF Regional Newscast: October 10, 2023

Montrose County School District's Red Hawks
Cassie Knust
Montrose County School District's Red Hawks

State lawmakers are moving forward with a set of five transportation reforms. Three of the measures would dedicate funding for pedestrian safety infrastructure, improve car safety for child passengers and strengthen railroad safety.

Others would develop a state-wide transit pass, create a public transit tax credit and crack down on predatory towing practices. The policy proposals were approved by the Transportation Legislation Review Committee last week. They’ll be introduced as bills during next year’s legislative session.

Colorado healthcare workers with Kaiser Permanente ended their three-day strike early on Saturday. Their union has not yet reached a deal with Kaiser management. Picketers told Capital Reporter Lucas Brady Woods that they’re willing to strike again if necessary. They’re demanding better pay and help with staffing shortages.

A tentative agreement between the parties fell through earlier this week. The strike began Wednesday in Colorado and across the country. It’s the largest healthcare worker strike in US history.

Delta Police Department officers responded Sunday to another reported fire on Main St. This incident follows the fire that destroyed the nearby Delta Cleaners building last week, which was not only a business, but the owners’ home. Upon arrival, the property owner reported that he and his wife, the only occupants, were out and unharmed.

The focus then shifted to the adjacent Delta House, and officers collaborated with Delta House staff to evacuate residents. Officers also spoke with D&B Liquor employees. The Delta Fire Department successfully controlled and extinguished the fire before it could spread or cause extensive damage. A joint effort by a Delta Police Department detective and Delta Fire members determined the fire to be accidental.

School board seats are up for grabs in next month’s coordinated election, including in Montrose. Two student representatives in Montrose say their peers are concerned about a number of things, from limited college fair representation and the removal of shortened Wednesday schedules. But, they also seek candidates who understand and address the diverse needs of students across the school district, on all educational levels.

KVNF's Cassie Knust spoke recently with seniors Jack Flowers, Montrose High School’s student body president and Rachel Roebuck, a student council representative at MHS about what they hope to see from this year’s candidates.

Keep it Colorado, a conservation group working with local land trusts, has received an additional $1 million grant from Great Outdoors Colorado to protect farmlands and other privately-owned lands from future development. Eric Galatas brings this report.

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Cassie moved to Montrose from Texas in April 2020, right before COVID changed the landscape of the world as we knew it. She brought her love of people and a degree in broadcast journalism to the Western Slope, where she built a strong foundation in local print news. She’s excited to join the KVNF family and grow as a reporter. For Cassie, her job as a journalist is to empower the community through knowledge and information. When she’s not researching and reporting, Cassie loves to spend time with her cat, Jasper, and paint something new.<br/><br/>