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KVNF Regional Newscast: January 12, 2024

Lisa Young

A groundbreaking ceremony took place at Delta High School on Monday, for a bond project approved by voters on last year’s ballot. The project includes safety entrances, and improved locker rooms, among other projects.

Delta County Commissioners, school board members, students, and others attended the event. The ceremony began in the high school gymnasium before moving outdoors.

The bond project aims to provide increased safety and security, wellness and opportunities for students. Construction is expected to take three to three-and-a-half years to complete. The Cedaredge and North Fork high schools will celebrate their construction projects at a later date.

Governor Jared Polis gave his annual State of the State address to a joint session of the state legislature Thursday. KVNF’s Lucas Brady Woods reports two of his top policy priorities are housing and transportation.

Residents in San Miguel County have the opportunity to provide input regarding community mental and behavioral health needs. Tri-County Health Network is conducting a community survey to study ways of improving the quality of life in San Miguel and West End County.

The survey will be conducted in two ways: by phone and online in both English and Spanish. More information at tchnetwork.org

The Montrose County historic courthouse is getting a makeover at a guaranteed price of less than $14.8 million. Commissioner Sue Hansen told the Montrose Daily press that [she was pleased with the efforts] made toward achieving an affordable and responsible price with frequently-used local contractor Stryker and Co.

The project is slated to begin construction next month and is expected to complete by late 2025. Stryker President Scott Stryker said he plans to extensively involve local subcontractors.

According to the Montrose Daily Press, funding for this project comes entirely from the county's capital improvement fund for 2024 and 2025. With construction set to start, several county offices, including the Treasurer's, Assessor's, and GIS, will relocate temporarily starting January 22.

One person was killed in an avalanche this week at Lake Tahoe’s largest ski resort. National data shows, that over the past decade, an average of 25 people died in avalanches each winter. The Mountain West New Bureau’s Kaleb Roedel has more.

On today’s KVNF Farm Friday, Lisa Young speaks with Penelope Powell, Executive Director of Valley Food Partnership and acting Chair for the upcoming Western Colorado Soil Health, Food and Farm Forum. The Annual Forum takes place January 25-27 at the Montrose Pavilion.

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