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Mindful Moments: Self-Awareness

Today we look at how mindfulness develops self-awareness.

Erin Easton is a Colorado native whose wandering spirit took her on a journey all over the globe leading her to the mindful practice that healed her mind, body, and spirit and brought peace into her life. She began her study of meditation at the Shedrob Choekhor Ling monastery outside of Geneva Switzerland. After a year of meditation and philosophy classes she participated in a retreat at Plum Village in France. This is where she fell in love with mindfulness and changed the focus of her master’s degree in French to the effects of mindfulness and meditation on language acquisition. She participated in a Vipassana retreat and did a three month study internship at Tara Mandala Buddhist Center outside of Pagosa Springs Colorado, but finds her true mindful roots in the Plum Village Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. She now lives in Montrose, CO where she owns New Leaf Mindfulness Coaching offering group mindfulness and yoga classes as well as individual coaching and nature retreats. Erin is the author of Living From The Heart: Healing Ourselves So We Can Heal The World.