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The Pen and the Sword: Erika Howsare

The Age of Deer is a meditation on our complex historical relationship with deer. From the myth of Eden to the ethics of hunting, Erika draws on her background as a poet to lyrically navigate the complex and often contradictory relationships we have with them and asks, how, and in what ways, can we learn from these creatures, as we navigate the future of our planet.

Erika Howsare joins Taya Jae just two days after the release of The Age of Deer, to talk about wildness, nuance and the myth of Eden.

The Age of Deer is out now, from Catapult Press.

The first time Taya was on the radio was a KVNF pledge drive promo recorded in 1998, she was 5. It went something like this, “I like KVNF because it’s fun to listen to music” she goes on to say, “music is like a dream”.