Revolution Brewery

Talkin Music: Mt Thelonious

May 22, 2014

The acoustic trio Mt Thelonious  dropped by the KVNF studios  to play a few tunes before their show at the Revolution Brewery in Paonia.

Craft Beer In Colorado Is Booming

May 19, 2014
Revolution Brewery, Craft Beer, Paonia
Laura Palmisano

A recent report finds Colorado has more than doubled its number of craft breweries since 2009. 

The state’s craft brewery industry is doing well, according to the report by the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business.

The study, commissioned by the Colorado Brewers Guild, found the state ranks third in the nation, just behind California and Washington, in number of craft breweries.  

Pass the Mic: Mike King of Revolution Brewery

Oct 16, 2013

Pass the Mic's agriculture reporter, Tao Freeman, interview Mike King - brewmaster and owner of Revolution Brewery in Paonia.