sex education

  • Three sexual health and education workshops to be held in Delta
  • Date for DMEA's exit from Tri State set, buyout fee not announced
  • Montrose County to discontinue family planning and immunization services

  • Paonia water emergency moves into its third week
  • Paonia water system expected to slowly start recharging today
  • Two Colorado River Compact states fail to meet key deadline
  • Controversial sex bill making its way through state house
  • Patients charged with huge medical bills look for help

  • Town of Paonia remains on boil water advisory, looking for leak
  • Dept of Health issues temporary closure notices for businesses in Paonia
  • Colorado attorney general joins lawsuit against Trump's declaration
  • Bill to save retirement for nearly 1 million state residents debated
  • Controversial sex education bill passes in State House

  • Controversial sex education bill going through State House
  • Cloud seeding science offers possible drought solutions
  • Fourth Democratic candidate declares intent to run against Gardner
  • Montrose committee holds public meetings about police department

Local Motion: Sex Education

Nov 18, 2015

KVNF's Ali Lightfoot explores various viewpoints,  the history and current laws for sex education in the US.   Hear interviews with faith-based abstinence until marriage advocate Shelly Donahue and Andie Lyons an advocate for comprehensive sexual education from Colorado Youth Matter.   A Paonia High School student also shares her perspective.