KVNF Live! - Paper Bird, with Chimney Choir, 7/3/14

Jul 29, 2014

Week 1 of the 2014 Ridgway Concert Series

Paper Bird is a seven-piece Indie Folk/Baroque Pop band based in Denver, Colorado. The band is composed of sisters Genny and Esme Patterson (both vocals), brother and sister Mark (drums) and Sarah Anderson (vocals and cornet/trumpet), Paul DeHaven (guitar), and Caleb Summeril (Bass, Banjo, Guitar).

Opening act Chimney Choir is a Denver-based group of multi-instrumentalists, described by Flagstaff Live as "original, catchy and ripe with a strangely warm and welcoming aesthetic." The band is:

Kevin Larkin - mandolin, samples, percussion, harmonica, accordion, synth, vocals
Kris Drickey - banjo, keyboards, guitar, violin, percussion, vocals
David Rynhart - guitar, flute, piano, percussion, vocals
Carl Sorensen - shakers, bottles, cans, random metal objects
Tom Plassmeyer - bass

Recorded at Ridgway Town Park July 3rd, 2014.