Seismic Acquisition Services

Local Motion: Seismic Testing in the North Fork Valley

Two seismic surveying projects are being proposed near Paonia by Gunnison Energy, which is seeking oil and gas deposits to develop. KVNF News speaks with Andrew Forkes-Gudmondson, Associate program director at Citizens for a Healthy Community, about possible impacts of the project. Levi Broyles, Paonia District Ranger for the Forest Service, discusses how his agency is analyzing the project and gathering public comment. Delta County Commissioner Don Suppes also weighs in.

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Bureau of Land Management

A natural gas project has been proposed in the North Fork Valley.We recently spoke with a Bureau of Land Management spokesman about the North Fork Mancos Master Development Plan.

  • Feature about new oil and gas bill going through state legislature
  • New regulations would allow towns to determine setbacks
  • Oil and gas fight at state capitol getting louder, passionate on both sides
  • KVNF News interview with Bureau of Land Management spokesman
  • Proposed fracking in North Fork would require water to be trucked in

Scorpius over Norwood, CO and Lone Cone Mountain
Braden Barkemeyer

Just over a century ago there were no electric lights and no light-pollution. For millennia, anyone looking into a nighttime sky would see the Moon, 5 planets, and stars – lots and lots of stars.

  • Hinsdale County experiencing historic avalanche season, 17 reported incidents
  • Avalanche buries and destroys home of Hinsdale County Sheriff
  • Local emergency declared, then lifted in Hinsdale County amid avalanches
  • Capitol Coverage of bill that will ask voters to go against TABOR

  • Delta County Commissioners approve resolution, 2nd Amendment Preservation status
  • Colorado River Compact states reach agreement on drought mitigation plans
  • Moms in Colorado are protesting possible EPA rollbacks on mercury regulations

CC0 Public Domain -

Host Jill Spears is joined by gardener Lance Swigart and special guest Jere Lowe of Earth Friendly Supply Co. for the Spring Equinox Pledge Drive Edition of As the Worm Turns.

  • Senate Bill 181 would redefine oil and gas regulations
  • House Bill 1177, the Red Flag Bill, causing counties to endorse sanctuaries
  • Record snowpack might be enough to fill Lake Mead, Colorado Rivershed
  • CDOT continues avalanche mitigation work on Red Mountain Pass

Marty Durlin

Marty Durlin, local playwright, recently joined us to talk about her new radio production dramatizing the uranium boom, "Uranium: The Musical."

  • Colorado joins group of states lobbying for popular vote elections
  • Over 200 bills debated at State Capitol so far; not one of them about transportation
  • Delta County Commissioners to consider resolution declaring 2nd Amendment Sanctuary
  • First edition of state budget can't pay for Gov. Polis' fulltime kindergarten plan

  • KBUT report on avalanches in Hinsdale County
  • State Senate approves bill allowing more local control of oil and gas
  • KBUT feature story about snowpack: will it be enough to fill Blue Mesa?
  • Paonia water system back to almost full capacity


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