Reframing The Masculinity And Mythology Of The American West

While artists and inventors were experimenting with cameras and film, pioneers were exploring uncharted territory in the American West. As a result, photography helped shape romanticized notions of the landscape and what it promised. There was this rationalization that if images could capture this wild place, so could men. Manifest is Kristine Potter's new monograph, which TBW Books published. The title references manifest destiny, the idea that settlers had a moral, God-given right to take...

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  • Capitol Coverage of the rise in hate crimes in Colorado
  • KVNF DJ Felix Belmont talks about the upcoming Mountain Film Fest
  • Popular troll statue outside Breckenridge must be taken down

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears and her gardening gurus Lance Swigart & Lulu Vockhausen discuss fall gardening topics and take calls from listeners.

District 2 commissioner Don Suppes discuss Delta county's changing demographics, the county's postion on seismic testing and raises for county workers. 

  • Analysis of Blue Wave in Colorado: voters were conservative on ballot issues
  • Trump Administration cuts could impact SNAP beneficiaries in Colorado
  • Record number of women will be serving in Colorado Legislature

  • Delta County wins gold designation for solar energy development
  • Democrats in state house moving quickly to fill leadership positions
  • State lawmakers enact new workplace harassment policy
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  • The Purple State Update with the Colorado Sun
  • Midterm election highlites divide between two different visions of Colorado
  • Campaign finance amendment fails, anti gerrymandering amendments pass
  • Governor John Hickenlooper reacts to election results
  • Senate Democrats choose leadership going into January's session
  • Late voters turn the election for medical marijuana in city of Delta

  • Democrats send Jason Crow to Washington, help swing House
  • Region 10 pilot program offers prescription drug awareness campaign
  • State voters deny measures to raise money for roads, education

  • Blue Wave sweeps Colorado but not nation in midterms
  • Polis wins governor, Democrats win both houses of state legislature
  • Oil and gas setbacks and property devaluation amendments fail
  • Summary of state and local results from midterm election

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears and gardeners Lance Swigart & Lulu Volckhausen discuss fall chores & take calls from listeners.

KVNF's Kori Stanton looks into the growing industrial hemp business in Colorado.  She visits with hemp investors, growers, lawmakers and entrepreneurs at the first annual Hemp Invest Fest in Telluride.


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