Families Plus

Local Motion: Families Plus

Dr. Brenda K. Holland, Executive Director​ at Families Plus talks about the nonprofit's goal to provide long-term support for struggling families in Delta county. She discusses how the organization formed, the mental health resources it provides and how locals can help through mentorship and financial assistence programs as well as donating gifts to families who need them during the holidays.

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KVNF News speaks with KUNC reporter Luke Runyon, who uses a grant to fund year round coverage of the Colorado River and the effects of drought in the Southwest. In this Local Motion, we talk about this past year in Colorado River history, playing some old stories and talking about some new ones.

  • Red Mountain Pass closed today for road, electrical work
  • Hydro turbine technology being tested to take the burden off coal fired electricity
  • Geminids Meteor Shower reaches star gazing peak tonight, this weekend

  • Complaint against Representative-elect Soper is dismissed
  • Report indicates Colorado juvenile justice system needs reform
  • Capitol Coverage of Colorado health insurance marketplace

photo of Lance
Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears is joined this week by local gardener Amber Kleinman and farmer & garden store owner Jere Lowe for a discussion of seasinal gardening topics.

  • Representative-elect Matt Soper faces residency challenge
  • Colorado Seniors pushing back against plan to rollback prescription drug discounts
  • DMEA asks state commission to help decide fee for buying out of contract with Tri State
  • Seven Southwestern states meet in Las Vegas to discuss drought mitigation plan

  • Colorado Health Exchange needs to be more user friendly
  • State Senator Baumgardner removed from all committee appointments
  • Governor-elect Polis rounding out his cabinet selections
  • Polis begins to implement his plans for health care in state
  • Colorado rates well for number of insured children in state
  • Sage grouse habitat size to be reduced by Trump Administration

  • Town of Paonia appoints new trustee
  • State senator will not run for re-election after harassment accusations
  • Towns may begin enforcing bans on so-called urban camping
  • NORAD begins tracking Santa's journey from the North Pole

  • Officials in transportation fear for the future after funding denied by voters
  • Western Slope Resources Reporting looks at tourism in Western Colorado
  • Governor-elect Jared Polis getting 'wish lists' for funding from residents
  • Task force hopes to overhaul juvenile criminal justice system in the state

  • State Supreme Court denies Hickenlooper's request to clarify TABOR, Gallagher Amendment
  • Voters in San Miguel County approve financing for anti-suicide effort
  • Drought, climate change in state to get worse despite early snowfall
  • Nearly 50 percent of all state residents live in high wildfire danger areas
  • Boat ramps at Blue Mesa Reservoir closed due to low water, ice

Suze Smith

Host Jill Spears is joined this week by Jere Lowe of Earth Friendly Supply Co. in Paonia for a discussion of seasonal gardening subjects and to take calls from listeners.


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