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233 Grand Ave
PO Box 1350
Paonia, CO 81428


Office: 970-527-4866
Studio: 970-527-4868
Toll Free: 1-866-KVNF NOW (1-866-586-3669)
Comment Line: 970-765-8680

Email Contacts:

  • KVNF News Director, For news programming questions and comments
  • KVNF Development Director, For  fundraising, events, questions and comments
  • KVNF Music Director, For music submissions or music library questions
  • KVNF Programming and Operations For questions and comments about KVNF programming or technical operations
  • KVNF Membership & Underwriting Manager, For membership, underwriting questions and comments
  • Web : For internet and website questions and comments
  • User Submitted News Tips, For submitting story ideas and news tips